Multi-Lingual Support

Communicate With Every Prospect In Their Native Language

LDR is a global provider of cutting-edge technology for spinal procedures. All LDR resources are dedicated to a highly specialized segment of the orthopaedic and neurosurgical markets. Because they sell their products around the world, they require an extensive website featuring many languages that cater to respective markets via English, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and French.

An additional challenge to translating the website to accommodate global representation is that each country has a different set of laws and regulations (think the FDA in America) about how the medical devices are sold. So, we created a completely unique website for each country, with hundreds of pieces of collateral that are translated for each language. Even the videos and surgical documentation have been translated. in addition to extensive translation capabilities is the ease of use that Clarity customers expect, with functions that allow users to quickly navigate between sites or switch translations.

Looking to meet your target market on their home turf? Ask Clarity about designing a multilingual website today!

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