Move Beyond Event Tracking

Their mission statement reads, "The USO lifts the spirits of America's troops and their families." A very simple yet daunting task given the numbers of members and families involved in the many arms of the United States military. Although a privately-held and run non-profit, this organization was chartered by the US Congress and the President of the United States sits on it's Board of Directors. The USO sponsors and holds thousands and thousands of meetings, events, fund raisers, presidential appearances, all over the globe. And to coordinate that is a huge task. Aside from the shear volume of events the USO plans and runs, there are additional security requirements based on events for the President and other political figures, thousands of resources to schedule and more.

The USO had been working for years to build the calendar, but could never get it fully functional and with the added features and capabilities they needed. That's when they found Clarity. Clarity took over development of the USO's global scheduling calendar last year, providing both a face lift, a ton of new UI and feature changes and custom development. We finished on time and within budget and got them where they needed in just a few months. (Clarity client)

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