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Approach Design from Every Angle

LDR was founded in 2000 by partners Christophe Lavigne, Hervé Dinville, and Patrick Richard in Troyes, France with a singular focus on the development of innovative technology for spinal procedures. All LDR resources today are dedicated to this highly specialized segment of the orthopedic and neurosurgical markets. With the first products being done, approved and patented in France (taking years to complete), each of the five websites not only represents a different language, but a completely different set of approved devices to showcase.

The big challenge for Clarity was coming up with a design that the Marketing departments in each of the seven countries liked and could agree upon. That alone was a big win! Once that was done, each country wanted to showcase their unique country-specific approved devices. With a matrix of products, Clarity designed very unique styling, using graphics and movement, to easily tell products in both type and category. Clarity went on to customize the design for a unique digital timeline to show the history of the company, it's patents, each country opened up, etc. (Clarity client)

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