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Provance is a global company specializing in technology solutions used to manage IT assets. Whether you're looking for a way to keep track of your company's computer or an ITIL compliant help desk solution, Provance has the technology for your IT organization. And it's not just the hardware! Trying to keep track of all those software licenses you purchased? Track them for assets that are retired, employees that have left, Microsoft discount bundles? Well that's all covered too.

Clarity came in a gave them a website design that matches their cool technology - fast, stylish, vibrant with extensive video and media. They also liked the new Windows 8 modular design and bright colors. Aside from the many cool features (integrated blog, video gallery, social marketing, Constant Contact integration, etc.), the site is a custom responsive design. This means that it dynamically adjusts for the mobile device viewing it. Go ahead, re-size your browser window narrow and see. (Clarity client)

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