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The Windrock Group is a global firm specializing in helping to create financing strategies for projects that cost up to $1Billion. Their custom site design was to be upscale, classy, clean and very clean messaging. No frills, just competencies and the executive team biographies, showing their global experience through travel pictures and descriptions.

The design is minimalistic, meant to be very concise in providing just enough information to answer their visitor's questions and provide them with clear calls-to-action without overwhelming them with marketing fluff. Deciding not to translate into many languages (because they cover so many), the lack of too much text makes it easy for their global visitors to find what they need in basic text or graphics, such as the Global Footprint project locator.

Clarity started with a classy black and white backdrop that rotates big bold and classy pictures and carries the theme across every page on the website. A simple single-color (maroon) stands out against the stark background and high-lights calls-to-action, messaging and matches their logo (also designed by Clarity). Give Clarity a call and we'll design your company a website custom-tailored to your business. (Clarity client)

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