Locator Maps

Much More Than Just a Contact Page

AirBorn was founded in 1958 manufacturing electronic connectors for the military and aerospace markets. They have since expanded into many vertical and commercial markets. Global coverage was a secondary goal for Airborn. The most important was to make it easy for client/buyers to find the contact information of a distributor or the nearest location.

Clarity designed two distinct pages to help make it easy and intuitive. The first lists the three main ways to find what a user needs, either a distributor stateside or internationally, or a location if they plan on picking up the part. The second page is very unique. Instead of providing a simple Google Map link, the page contains links for driving directions to the physical offices to and from the local airport, and other helpful links for travelers: hotel accommodations, local dining and entertainment, local weather and a local map for those VIPs planning on making a visit.

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