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Over ten years ago, Teri Buros (CEO), was privileged to participate in the transformation of the long-term care system in Wisconsin with the birth of the Family Care program. Throughout these years many dedicated individuals and organizations participated in the development and ultimate expansion of the Family Care program from one pilot county to our current service area of Crawford, Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette, Juneau, Richland, and Sauk Counties. Although the dedication of these individuals and organizations has been instrumental in our creation, the driving force has always been and remains our commitment to the idea and value of providing member-centered, outcome-based care to the people we serve, our members. We continue to strive for excellence in the care we provide while being good stewards of public resources through a robust provider network and a skilled workforce at Southwest Family Care Alliance.

Part of that excellence is embracing constructive criticism or positive feedback. When Clarity designed and built their new website, they incorporated a multi-question feedback form right into the website so that users on any page, with any feeback (both good and bad) could easily communicate their timely response to the Family Care team. (Clarity client)

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