Custom Forms

Display Forms That Will Convert Traffic, Not Drive It Away

Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) brings together shippers and suppliers into one online shipping community. Have a truck with room to carry something else? Looking to hitch a ride for some supplies? Have a truck and are looking for loads? Then TMS's website is where you need to be. They came to Clarity in need of, among other things, a clear and concise sign-up form.

In addition to providing an extensive backend, Clarity created customer forms that can handle registering as a shipper or supplier or processing loads and routes. We also integrated a CAPTCHA for additional security. Because TMS requires a fair amount of information from the people who sign up, Clarity helped them make their form feel visually manageable. This meant breaking the form into four distinct, user-friendly quadrants.

Interested in a creating a visually appealing, user-friendly form for your own business? Contact Clarity today!

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