Centralize Your Ability to Update Content

Dynamic Content

Many companies have a website and an Intranet. Of course, they also have a Sales portal, a licensing portal, a partner portal, and more. Why so many entry points to your information? Wouldn't it be easier to have one "source” that can serve up the appropriate content dynamically and securely? You could create and edit in one place, then decide who gets access; it really is that easy. Clarity has built many dynamic sites. Do you need a member directory that shows your members’ pictures and names, but no contact information unless you're registered and approved? Or do you need a site that serves up marketing information, and provides technical, pricing and confidential information upon log-in? No matter what you need, Clarity can help.

Professional Women Controllers

Members-only Dynamic Content

PWC is a non-profit nationwide organization representing women in the air traffic control field. They provide support, training and career development for its members through regional programs. Each region has a Director, and its own unique curriculum, events and materials. Clarity built the site to support the login, sign-up and nationwide membership directory, but used the locator map to define each region. Mousing over a region lists the Director and information about the regional program. Clicking on a region drills into that regional program with contact information to the Regional Director. (Clarity client)

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Pervasive Software

Employee, Affiliate, Partner Dynamic Secure Access

Pervasive has an extensive sales and marketing organization with over 5,000 pieces of collateral. The Pervasive Sales portal, provides a way to serve up that collateral from one location, but dynamically and securely provide access to certain collateral, be it employees, partners, distributors or strategic partners. The content is dynamically controlled by DNN roles which are automatically assigned at login. (Clarity client)

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Affair Recovery

Dynamic Pay-Per-View Curriculum

Our story took root in 1984, when founder Rick Reynolds and his wife Stephanie struggled to move past the pain of his infidelity. Even as a marriage counselor and family therapist, Rick had trouble finding resources and programs that could help them recover from the affair and save their marriage. Rick drafted the curriculum for EMS Online (originally called 911 Marriage), and began to use the materials in his own private marriage counseling practice. These online programs are available to members only. Resources libraries, curriculum, specific courses and videos are all just part of the dynamic content served up to different member types and payments. (Clarity client)

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