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Social Marketing

Reality TV may have started the trend years ago, but today we're all publicly sharing our lives—both personal and corporate—on the Internet. The key is to make sure your corporate image doesn't play out like a reality TV show. We’ve all seen how social marketing can make or break you (think Pants on the Ground). But with over 100 social marketing platforms, where does a company start? How do you ensure that you’re not the next Lindsay Lohan saga? That's where Clarity can assist. We've helped many companies design and implement their social marketing strategies and integrate that strategy into their website. Let us help you bring 'clarity' to your social marketing strategy.


Multiple Social Media Integrations

As HMT grew into a global company and advanced their technology and development processes, they realized that their marketing had to meet their growth. To them, that meant a concerted effort to build out their social profile across mulitple social platforms such as: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Clarity worked with them to build out their profile and integrated when we built their new website, both in the header and clearly exposed on their contact us page. (Clarity client)

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Shining Star Therapy

Social Marketing Icons Follow Scroll

Shiningstartherapy provides therapy services (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy and family counseling) to families of children with special needs from birth to three years old. Clarity design them a custom website that not only has a therapist-only dashboard, but also has their social marketing accounts linked via a floating social sidebar that follows you in the bottom right corner as you scroll up and down each page. (Clarity client)

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Little Ruth

Social Sharing for the Kids

As an author of children's books running a startup company, the founder of Little Ruth promotes her business by creating social awareness among young kids, educators and children's learning groups. To create interest, she does books signings, local school readings and blogs, but to help promote her books, she relies heavily on the social sharing by those that love Little Ruth. Clarity integrated and exposed many places on the site, blog, store, and almost any page so that users can easily share with their friends. For those without the Social account, Clarity also posted an email share option where they can email their shared item via email. (Clarity client)

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Home Page Twitter Feed Integration

CPAmerica International as a member of Crowe Horwath International, is one of the largest associations of independently owned and managed CPA and consulting firms in the world based on annual revenue of member firms. Together, the combined annual revenue of CPAmerica and Crowe Horwath International firms is $2.73 billion. Clarity added a display module on the home page that monitors and displays the CPAmerica's Twitter feed. (Clarity client)

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Ruby et Violette

eCommerce Social Marketing

Three very intelligent sisters, living in Manhattan decided to go into business together to bake and sell the "best damn cookies" on earth. In doing so, they've become very popular for online cookie orders. Whether for the indulgent or gift giving, their eCommerce cookie store has taken off. With mouth-watering images and a step-by-step checkout process, Clarity built them a custom shopping cart to help increase their online sales and integrated it into their social media (Facebook like, Share, Pinterest, Twitter). Click on Share under each cookie image. (Clarity client)

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Social Marketing & Share

Provance is a global company that produces software solutions for IT staffs to help manage their IT assets. Track hardware, software, software license compliance, push software updates, Provance has a solution for you. Need a customer service portal, help desk or customer portal, then Provance's ITAM / ITIL help desk solutions can delivery. Clarity built them a new and vibrant website with the social media icons floating on the right side of the screen. Mouse over and click or mouse over the share option and it brings up a dialog, allowing you to document your share and post it. (Clarity client)

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Social Networking Service

Why Facebook for my Company? For one reason, Facebook has over 955 million active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device. Facebook allows you to share your work with your social network easily and quickly. Facebook also allows you to market to specific segments for targeted marketing. The real benefits of Facebook and the corporate benefit have yet to be realized. Get in the game early. Clarity can help.

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Social Networking for the Corporate Professional

With more than 161 million subscribers, LinkedIn is the number one social networking website for people in professional occupations. It is now more common for a hiring company to review an applicant's LinkedIn profile than it is to call his/her references. Back links to your website should be included in every employee's LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Pro also provides regional targeted marketing for social events. Let Clarity help you get 'linked in.'

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Video Networking Community

YouTube is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos. Now owned by Google, popularity has exploded and the site is now serving up more than 4 Billion video views every day. Want your content to be put in front of a large audience? Youtube will do it. Let Clarity show you how to exploit the marketing benefits of a Youtube channel for your business.

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Social Networking Service

Amazing to think what can be shared in just 140 characters. Over the last few years, we've learned to speak more cryptically and even cheated with bit.ly. As one of the Top 10 most used sites on the Internet, with 160 Million users and 340 Millions tweets a day, learn how you can be a part of the conversation.

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Google +

Social Networking Service

Google+ is a multi-lingual social network and identity service. Taking a run at Facebook, Google+ has over 250 Million users already and is growing rapidly. Adoption has been slow, but there is a strong group of followers who don't speak 140 characters at a time or who live out their lives on the Internet. With authorship leading the way, and as Google+ profiles and elements are progressively integrated into the search algorithm, it won't be long before Google+ will come into it's own. Let Clarity help you get into the game before you're playing catch up.

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