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Best Practices for Developing Sitefinity Themes

If you are looking for a scalable, enterprise-level solution, then Sitefinity Developer is a good option. It lets you create different kinds of websites, portals, and eCommerce platforms. You need someone who can use Sitefinity efficiently and skillfully to make use of custom themes, modules, and flexible API offered by the platform. We can help you leverage Sitefinity offerings and create customized solutions that are scalable, reliable, and easy to use.

If you want a sales-focused design or are unsuccessful at converting sales to customers, then the architects at Clarity can help you expand your business website by creating solutions and designs that fulfill all your requirements and needs. We discuss the needs of our customers and create custom modules, widgets, and themes accordingly.

What Are The Best Practices When Creating Sitefinity Templates and Themes?

Customizability of Sitefinity Themes and Modules

Sitefinity comes with many default skins that can be customized. Well-designed custom themes can help attract more customers to your website. If it is an eCommerce platform, your site's theme also impacts sales.

You need someone who can create a custom control, so it is possible to easily manage web pages and templates, integrate various other tools with the CMS, and set up sales funnels. It is also important to have a dynamic UI that offers personalized content to users. It can help improve sales conversions. Therefore, you have to ensure that you select a company that has created professional Sitefinity themes for clients before. They should have enough experience to meet your specific needs.

Features Offered by Sitefinity That Make it One of The Best CMS Platforms.

Sitefinity Theme Developer Features

With countless CMS services available, it can be hard for business owners to select a platform that suits their needs. Depending on the kind of platform you have, it is essential to select a CMS company that can fulfill your needs and offers the most beneficial features, such as social media, mobile-friendliness, responsive designs, etc. Whether it is a news site, blog site, or eCommerce store, Sitefinity's theme developer supports the publishing and editing of various digital content types.

Responsive Design

Sitefinity development is responsive, solving many problems for ad makers and marketers. Websites built with Sitefinity are easy-to-use and look great on most devices. The platform ensures an outstanding user experience. It dynamically adjusts your website's design, so it looks great no matter what browser or device the visitors are using. Responsive design is crucial since most consumers these days browse the internet via their smartphones. Not to forget, search engines like Google favors mobile-friendly sites.

Multiple Sites with Single Interface

There are many CMS platforms available in the market. However, most of these CMS services do not offer a single interface that lets you manage multiple sites. Fortunately, this is possible with Sitefinity. You can conveniently manage and edit multiple sites via the same interface. A lot of business owners have more than one brand. They are required to drive a specific kind of traffic to these different URLs. Some owners might have multiple regional websites with different languages. In cases like these, Sitefinity's interface can make things a lot easier.

Visual Studio Integration using Sitefinity Thunder

You can utilize a visual studio integration with Sitefinity using Sitefinity Thunder. It is essentially a Visual Studio extension that makes installing and updating the modules, themes, and widgets easier. The platform also supports the MVC and allows you to switch between MVC and web forms together.

Robust Analytics

Sitefinity development is favored among designers and developers alike because it generates enormous data to create a contextual dashboard. These give visitors the information they need, and they do not have to go through several pages to find it.

Sitefinity can help generate reports and utilize Google Analytics to help you understand your site's performance. It will allow you to make the necessary changes when/where they are required. The platform's robust features ensure that you can use it for a wide range of purposes.

Built-in Templates

It is important to hire someone that can create a platform using Sitefinity that fulfills your particular needs. Sitefinity provides a lot of useful features for designers. These can serve as a foundation for creating new, custom templates based on your business's requirements. There are numerous style options, so you can easily select a preexisting template and mold it into your chosen design.

Drag/Drop Layouts

The drag/drop layouts offered by Sitefinity can be utilized on any web page. These speed up the web designing process tremendously. It is simple and easy to fine-tune these layouts using custom CSS styles.

How Sitefinity Ensures Reliable and Scalable Platforms

Improve Performance with Sitefinity Service Tools and Utilities

Apart from the theme developer, numerous Sitefinity tools can boost the performance of your website. However, you must know how to use these tools effectively to benefit from them. Tools like the page warmer setup can help you ensure that your site is configured for the best performance. It also offers modules like Blog that allows you to create and post blogs. Then there are tools like the SideSync setup, which synchronizes content between the Live and Standing Environments.

How a Company that Follows the Best Practices Can Help Ensure Optimal Performance

Clarity Sitefinity Experts

With experiences comes expertise, and our team's long experience working with Sitefinity gives them the proficiency required to execute important projects. Our team considers different design structures while developing. This ensures the result is an attractive, well-designed, and thought out theme. We can fulfill all your needs and requirements while utilizing themes, widgets, and modules to make workflows easier and seamless. So, if you want to take advantage of the features that Sitefinity offers, then contact us today!

Clarity Sitefinity CMS Experts

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