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What is Sitefinity CMS

The scope of eCommerce is only growing, just like the internet. A larger audience has only led to more pressure on businesses to perform and service them all. Consumers want the best experience possible. Technology is an important tool used to connect with customers in eCommerce. Software solutions such as content management systems play a big part in business strategy and success. Simply put, the key to converting viewers into customers is interacting with them through a targeted approach. Using Sitefinity SEO and other optimization tools that are a part of CMS help achieve the best eCommerce results.

Content management systems (CMS) like Progress Sitefinity are a game-changing addition to the internet. People are putting up new content online every second. Therefore, it’s imperative to have solutions to manage all that data. Users want a CMS that provides a simple and engaging experience online. With automation and self-service on the rise, CMS has only become more popular.

A content management system is software like any other and can always become better. Sitefinity CMS developers are continually rolling out updates and new versions of the platform to maximize its relevance and effectiveness. These improvements might be major or minor. However, they all play a significant role in ensuring customer satisfaction. Progress Sitefinity's newest update, Sitefinity 13.0, was released in May of 2020 and promised a significantly better digital experience.

What are the benefits of upgrading Sitefinity CMS

Upgrading Sitefinity CMS benefits

  • Ensures optimization, efficiency, and greater feature flexibility- new upgrades always introduces some new functionality. Updating the software leads to optimization and more useful features for users. Sitefinity CMS also maximizes effective marketing since it gives authors and content editors greater executive control over content management. This control only increases with Sitefinity improvements.
  • Stay up to date and competitive- Businesses, from B2B to B2C, need to outperform their competitors to succeed in their industry and get customers. Taking advantage of updated features lets businesses maximize productivity and success.
  • Keep up with consumer and market demands- Sitefinity is a leader in innovation where content management systems are concerned. Sitefinity CMS is evolving to meet market demands to manage data in the best way. With new improvements, the management only becomes more efficient.
  • Reduces workload for IT- Sitefinity attempts to automate the process of content management as much as possible. With a drag-and-drop interface and simple features, businesses don’t need to trouble IT every time they want to make changes to their website. Newer versions of the CMS focus on making the software as easy to use as they can.
  • Best performance possible- the best support is available for the newest versions of Sitefinity. This is due to the updates being more optimized. There are usually security updates and bug fixes present in updates to make the software even more secure and efficient. Progress Sitefinity's improvements to solve issues and increase functionality and features.
  • Adopts best SEO practices- Sitefinity SEO is more optimized with every new version. It improves visibility for better reach to the target audience and more leads and conversions. Companies need this critical feature in the online marketplace.
How is the newest version of Sitefinity better and what are some of its features

Improvements in Progress Sitefinity 13.0

Many small tweaks in the upgraded Sitefinity guarantee a difference for users. These improvements are especially helpful for businesses operating online.

Image & Classification Management

For example, there is better digital asset and image management in Sitefinity 13.0, Progress Sitefinity’s latest version. Sitefinity developers have reconfigured the Images module to improve filtering and management. They've also redesigned the interface and upgraded the Classification module. This allows Sitefinity CMS to categorize large groups of data.

These improvements have a proper use in eCommerce. A better image and classification management system means that businesses will engage with customers more thoroughly. Digital media, such as images, are very important in Sitefinity SEO, and the new and improved module will only have better visibility. Additionally, this upgrade will make the process of selecting thumbnails and cataloging much easier. This will be especially helpful for businesses that operate online storefronts and eCommerce channels.


Sitefinity 13.0 has also focused on the personalization of content for customer groups. By segmenting audiences, marketers can create more individual experiences for people. This is necessary to create a more seamless and integrated experience for buyers. Customers are more likely to engage if they are shown products or services according to their user profiles or characteristics.

Additionally, managers can keep track of what pages have been promoted and their revision history through the new SiteSyncing feature of Sitefinity 13.0. This is helpful for businesses that have many site administrators who could make changes. Therefore, these improvements will go a long way to maximize operational efficiency, integration, and productivity.

MVC and Bootstrap 4

The newer Progress Sitefinity updates have shifted websites to an MVC-first platform and use Bootstrap 4. MVC (Model-view-controller) is a type of software design made up of three interconnected yet discrete elements. This design is responsible for creating a smoother user experience. On top of that, it allows CMS Sitefinity to create sophisticated and more scalable websites that may be required by larger businesses. The latter allows business users flexibility like never before, along with effectiveness and productivity on the front-end.

Similarly, Bootstrap 4 is the most popular CSS framework. One of the benefits of Bootstrap is that makes mobile-first websites ideal for business users who want to expand their online presence and provide to the modern consumer. These websites are highly responsive and relevant, which is why users of Sitefinity prioritize them. By incorporating the use of this framework, Sitefinity has improved its accessibility manifold.


Lastly, data-driven analytics are a vital part of making efficient and proactive marketing decisions. Therefore, the new CMS Sitefinity version focuses a lot on them. On top of that, many other minor bugs and issues have been resolved by developers in Sitefinity 13.0.

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It is essential to stay on top of the game to stay in the game. Businesses can be most successful by improving user experience and consistently updating the services they offer. Progress Sitefinity recognizes that businesses and users have increased expectations of their online experience. Platforms that do not adapt to meet these expectations will become obsolete. Sitefinity CMS's improvements are designed to help business users maintain their competitive edge in the market. By upgrading their Progress Sitefinity CMS, business users can get the most out of their CMS experience and help their business maximize productivity.

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