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Sitefinity eCommerce CMS Hosting

The Progress Sitefinity content management system is one of the most versatile ones out there with several hosting options available. However, some options may be more suitable for a user depending on their business or organizational requirements. It is essential to choose a Sitefinity hosting plan that provides the most features to guarantee optimum performance. Additionally, selecting an excellent hosting plan is an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. Businesses and large companies are especially concerned with making the right decision while choosing a hosting plan as it will determine their flexibility and scalability down the line.

Sitefinity is an ASP.NET application that is used by enterprises. Progress Sitefinity is a Microsoft based software solution and is one of the most developed and sophisticated content management systems (CMS) on the market. A content management system like Sitefinity allows users to create and manage data on websites, online community portals, and other computer networks. It helps content editors as well as developers create, edit, and manage sites seamlessly.

Sitefinity eCommerce CMS Hosting

Sitefinity is popular because of its array of features and unparalleled Telerik UI controls. Unlike some other CMS out there, CMS Sitefinity is flexible, adaptable, and used by all manners of organizations. The customizability and feature-richness of the platform make it a good fit for every type of production environment. Also, Progress Sitefinity is a collaborative software solution. It optimizes productivity within companies since developers and designers can work with content authors and administrators. The powerful cognitive and developmental capabilities of Sitefinity make it scalable and able to keep up with business growth.

Planning for future growth and scalability

CMS Sitefinity Host Considerations

Businesses and users need to keep a few things in mind when deciding on a hosting plan for CMS Sitefinity. There are a few considerations when reviewing web hosts. These depend on the:

  • Production environment size- amount and type of content, number of websites and pages, and expected website traffic
  • Importance of the website for the business or organization
  • Applications’ expected memory and CPU usage
  • SQL server considerations and recommendations, such as the amount of memory needed to store and retrieve data for software applications

Most companies have CMS Sitefinity hosting plans that offer usage on shared servers. However, they give users limited memory and database storage since the CPU resources are divided on the server. For example, hosts may provide clients with 1 GB of storage. If the users exceed this assigned CPU resource usage, their application pool is automatically recycled.

This is significant if the organization plans to scale in the future. Users need to consider their CPU usage needs and if this will be sustainable in the long run. A small business may manage its website in a limited amount of data, but if it grows, its requirements might increase. Instead of changing their Sitefinity hosting plan or web host later, businesses should keep these goals in mind before selecting a plan.

Ideal CMS Sitefinity Hosting plan

Sitefinity Hosting Requirements

Users need an MS SQL database for installation. Therefore, the hosting plan must have an MS Windows Server for the database server. Additional hardware required by database servers includes a RAM of 8 GB or more and a duo-core processor of at least 2.66 GHz. Sitefinity recommends requesting to have the entire hardware available when opting for dedicated servers like Azure or Amazon. This will allow users exclusive access to the server for their web hosting. CMS Sitefinity also recommends having the setup in a load-balanced environment on top of a dedicated server.

Users need to consider if their Sitefinity hosting plan has the following features before settling on it:

  • Compatibility of the hosting software with the latest CMS Sitefinity application version
  • Round the clock technical support from experienced Sitefinity experts
  • Reliable and secure SQL servers and databases
  • Meets security requirements for hosting
  • High-quality, efficient customer service
  • Synced cloud services with data backup and protection
  • Competitive Sitefinity pricing considering features such as shared services and multi-web hosting
  • Features and quality user-experience for both developers and content editors

A hosting plan with the most significant number of features at the most reasonable price will be the best fit for a general user. However, some users might need increased functionality, such as using more CPU storage on a shared server, especially if they’re using CMS Sitefinity for a larger organization. These clients might have to pay more to receive additional features. Price points and services may differ depending on the type of website on the same server. Some software, like portals, does not require as many resources. Therefore, they have fewer features and are generally cheaper. Users should identify and address all their needs when choosing a hosting plan, especially if the cost is an important consideration for them.

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Sitefinity CMS is a highly sophisticated and functional platform that can serve many users well in managing websites and data. However, the software has a set of specific considerations and prerequisites that need to be fulfilled to unlock its maximum potential. Users should thoroughly research the Sitefinity hosting plans offered by companies in the market. They should holistically consider the plan’s features to see which one is the best choice for them. Meeting the hosting requirements will ultimately lead to a smoother and more fluid user experience. Clarity has successfully launched over 1300 eCommerce implementations and integrations. Our expert team of developers can help support your team at every step of the decision-making process. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our team members feel free to reach out here