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The Benefits of Azure’s Sitefinity Web Hosting Service

Sitefinity CMS Azure Web Hosting

Progress Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) that enables businesses and developers to create and manage multiple sites through a single platform. It offers full compatibility with Microsoft Azure, a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows administrators and developers to deploy their sites on a high availability network quickly. The cooperation of these two services grants users several tools and resources for a trouble-free content administration and management experience.

Azure's Sitefinity Web Hosting App Service aims to simplify the complicated hassle of setting up Sitefinity managed sites on the cloud. It has the option of one-click deployment for fast access to your content. Administrators can also search the AzureMarketplace Instance to set up a personalized service for business-specific needs. It is equipped with an optimized App Service Integration (ASI), which secures Sitefinity projects’ speedy deployment and data to the Sitefinity CMS Azure Web Hosting cloud.

Users of Sitefinity CMS Azure Web Hosting can benefit from automated features and custom functions for their site administration. This mix provides a balance of efficient and personalized website hosting and configuration, unburdening developers, and administrators. The Azure Sitefinity Web Hosting cloud is also equipped with a base infrastructure and servers that support Sitefinity modules. The infrastructure decreases the amount of configuration and design required.

Azure Web Hosting Services

Once users have deployed their sites to the Sitefinity Azure Web Hosting cloud, they can easily manage their website through a variety of tools and features offered. The tools include the Azure Cache for Redis, which productively caches site data and boosts performance


Sitefinity has protection services of its own, but users are also offered an extra layer with Azure Sitefinity Web Hosting provisions. Azure’s protection makes sure businesses’ data and projects are safe and protected on the global cloud network. The security standards follow PCI and ISO recommendations, giving users a reliable and secure web hosting experience.

High Availability

Users are also in luck with Azure's Sitefinity Web Hosting global network. They can use this network to deploy their applications or sites in and be ensured high availability. This is secured through a multi-region set up that automatically switches to primary or secondary regions for maximized availability.


Sitefinity CMS Azure Web Hosting is popular amongst users for its autoscaling and built-in integration service. Website hosts with dynamic and unpredictable traffic on their pages can find this tool the most significant assistance in matching varying activity requirements. Developers and administrators can use the autoscaling tool to automatically assess and adjust configuration in response to dynamic website traffic. IT can do this without continuously modifying it manually.


Azure Sitefinity Web Hosting payment plans offer businesses a cost-effective means to manage services and applications on a cloud network. Users only pay for active services in their package, allowing them to take advantage of standard and dynamic, personalized features. The pricing plans are also available in basic, standard, and premium deals, with each program having its services. Small and medium scale businesses can, therefore, avail numerous and custom products according to their budget.

The tool scales the computing power available with the performance demands and alters the number of integrations or resources utilized. With this process, businesses can enjoy a highly efficient web module, and their customers can access the websites without lag.

How does a business select the best possible CMS for its website

Sitefinity CMS Azure Web Hosting

Users need to perform the following steps to download the Sitefinity CMS app from the Azure Marketplace and run it on Azure App Service:

  • Open the Microsoft Azure portal with your Azure account login credentials.
  • Find and click on “New” from the left panel.
  • Find Sitefinity directly online on the Azure Marketplace or use the search bar to find the application.
  • Fill out the form with the relevant details, including the app service plan name and SQL server name.
  • Enter the name of your Azure account part that you want to be used for Sitefinity (your Azure offering) in the “Subscription” field.
  • Enter the resource group's name (recommended to make a new one just for Sitefinity CMS), where Azure Sitefinity Web Hosting will host the Sitefinity resources.
  • Fill in the type of app service plan in the “App Service Plan / Location” field.
  • Also, fill in the resources and resource group location. The locations may be the same or different but will be the same in this case of deployment.
  • Enter the Sitefinity CMS app's name to get a default URL that will look like this: []. You can change the domain name to a custom one from Azure’s settings later.
  • Enter the Azure SQL database and the Azure SQL database server instance’s name.
  • Enter the SQL database’s admin username and password.
  • Click the “Create” button when you’ve filled out all the information.
  • The system will automatically prompt you to create and enter the details of your CMS Sitefinity admin user profile after application deployment.
How Clarity can Help

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Azure's Sitefinity Web Hosting services provide businesses diverse configuration options with a hassle-free and fast web hosting service. The setup process forgoes lengthy operations for developers and IT administrators. Instead, it has a comfortable, step by step configuration. Once users have deployed their web content to the Azure Web Hosting cloud, they can benefit from several automated and customizable tools like autoscaling.

Azure's Sitefinity Web Hosting allows businesses to create a personalized web platform that best fits their consumer’s needs while being very cost-efficient. Azure HIPAA compliance can even be achieved by those in the healthcare industry. Countless Sitefinity users have taken advantage of Microsoft Azure’s global cloud hosting service, and every business can utilize Sitefinity Azure Web Hosting’s fast and efficient cloud experience.

Regardless of what stage your project is at, Clarity's team of experts are here to help in any way we can with HIPAA-compliant web hosting.

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