Sitefinity Content Management and Approval Workflow

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Ultimate Guide to Sitefinity Content Approval and Management

Why Should I Choose Sitefinity?

Whether or not a web store wants to employ a CMS isn’t a question. All online businesses use them. The real question is, what do you want the CMS to do? If you are okay with just any CMS and mediocre results, you have countless options.

But if you want to reduce costs or gain an objective benefit, you significantly reduce your options. And when you remove CMS for websites that require your team to be a group of IT specialists, you’re left with an even shorter list. The Sitefinity Content Workflow Software goes at the very top of this exclusive list. There are structural reasons as to why and we’re going to go through them. Sitefinity Content Management has a lot of features that set it apart from other CMS for websites. For example, it is user-friendly.

Sitefinity Content Management and Approval Workflow

The software cuts out all complications and makes content management tasks simple and easy to complete. Since completing tasks is straightforward, your team is more likely to finish them and work to their fullest potential. Furthermore, the software has drag and drop widgets. You can use them to build layouts and forms. Both are integral to a successful business, and with Sitefinity, you can make them with just a few clicks.

And the software doesn’t stop there. It has a powerful digital asset management system, taxonomy management, content personalization options, approval workflows, etc. You can even make your site multilingual, multichannel, or multisite.

Reasons why you want Sitefinity for Content Approval Workflows

All these examples of Sitefinity features serve one purpose. And it is to tell you that Sitefinity can and will meet all your needs. Once it has done so, it will go a step further and help you optimize your website in ways you never thought possible. Each of its features and functions works to bring you benefits. The software will boost efficiency in all aspects of your business, but three specific areas will be impacted the most.

  • Empower Marketing Teams
  • Increase Conversions
  • Cut Operational Costs

1. Empower Marketing Teams

An efficient marketing team can help take your business to new heights. In a world of growing competition, there are countless products and services available on the internet. And your marketing team is what helps you stand out. After all, people can only buy your products if they know about them.

But when your team depends on your IT consultants, it becomes difficult for them to do their job. Since Sitefinity is user-friendly, you don’t need to be a tech genius to use it. And your team can make immediately make any decisions they want without having to wait on anyone.

2. Increase Conversions

By supporting marketing programs with the Sitefinity Content Workflow Software, you can increase conversions. Additionally, you also generate more leads with features, such as form templates. These templates capture contact profiles from downloads and landing pages. And can be used to optimize your business plan.

3. Cut Operational Costs

Sitefinity is a secure, stable, and scalable platform. Using it saves valuable time and resources spent on inefficient technology. You can save these funds as profits or use them to build up other departments in your business.

How Can I Manage my Content In Sitefinity?

Different Ways You Can Bulk Edit Content

If your website is content-heavy, it needs to be organized well - you will face multiple issues if it isn’t. These problems include gaps in collaboration between team members, customers being unable to find content, challenges with workflow, etc.

Sitefinity Content Management allows you to manage and sort content on item level, content type level, and even content at scale and bulk actions.

  • Content Item
    To manage content by content item, go to the list and select it. And then choose the action you want from the ‘Actions’ menu, such as ‘Unpublish.’
  • Content-type
    Go to the ‘Content’ menu and choose the type you want to modify the settings of. Then click the settings icon and make any changes you want, for example, ‘Custom fields.’
  • Content at Scale and Bulk Actions
    Pick a content type in the ‘Content’ menu, and click the settings icon. Select two or more items and then pick the actions you want to complete.
Sitefinity Managing Content
Step by Step Workflow Configuration

Sitefinity Content Workflow

Sitefinity content management has changed the CMS game over the last couple of years. And a big reason why it’s been able to do so is the workflow feature. You can create a workflow and manage the lifecycle of various content items and pages. And the process for setting it up is super simple.

  • Open the ‘workflow’ setting in ‘administration.’
  • Click on ‘Define a workflow.’
  • Type in a name for your workflow in the ‘Name’ field.
  • Set the scope of your workflow and define its applications:
    - Click the ‘define scope’ button.
    - If you’re working with more than one website in a ‘multisite,’ go to the dropbox and choose the sites you want to define the approval workflow for.
    - If you have a multilingual site, choose the languages you want to apply the approval workflow to from the dropbox.
    - Select the content items or pages you want to push through the workflow in ‘Content types and pages.’
    - If you want to apply the modified settings to all your pages, choose ‘SELECT ALL.’
    - Click ‘Done’ when you have defined the scope.
  • Pick the type of workflow you want to create: - One level (adds one step between the typical lifecycle of content)
    - Two levels (adds two steps between the typical lifecycle of content)
    - Three levels (adds three steps between the typical lifecycle of content)
    - No approval workflow (no approval steps between creating and publishing content)
    For non-approval workflows, step 6 is skipped. But since we’re talking about Approval workflows, there are a few extra steps.
  • After choosing the type of workflow, you have to set approvers. Click ‘Next: Set approvers.’ You’ll see all available roles under the ‘Roles’ tab.
    - Choose one or more roles/users who can approve content items and pages.
    - Click ‘Next’ if you have more than one level of approvals to set each stage's approvers.
  • Decide how you want to send notifications - there can be different settings for each level of approval. Go to ‘Actions’ under the settings for ‘Set notifications’ and choose from the following:
    - Approvers
    - Administrators
    - Custom list
    Whoever you pick will receive an email notification when an item or page is on a particular level of approval.
  • Choose who can skip the workflow. As the creator of the workflow, you can allow some people to skip it when creating new content. You can decide your settings under ‘Allow workflow to be skipped by…’
  • Click the ‘This workflow is active’ checkbox to apply the workflow.
  • Select ‘Save workflow’ when you are finished. It will be applied to your site immediately after it is saved.
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If you’re looking for a CMS for websites, pick Sitefinity Content Management. The software has numerous benefits and will help different aspects of your web store grow. Furthermore, it will cut costs and give you room to expand. Also, it makes navigating your website easier and, in turn, makes it easier for your customers to make purchases.

The approval workflow describes your available actions depending on the workflow you choose. Since there are different options, you can select the one best suited to your needs - hence customizing your webpage settings.

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