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Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Sitefinity Site Global

Connect with an International Audience

Are you a site looking to grow overseas? Or perhaps do you want to synchronize various websites? In a world of globalization, any business that wants to succeed has to do both. Because these days, the content people view isn’t restricted by their locale but rather the reach of the organization posting it.

The growth of the internet has allowed people to connect in a way never done before. And free flow of data and information has become the norm. The only barrier that exists is language.

For companies, managing separate sites for each language is a nuisance and fairly impractical. They need something quick and efficient. And so, Progress Sitefinity has come up.

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Your Sitefinity Site Global

With this CMS, you can create multilingual eCommerce and multi portal websites. And we’re going to break down everything you need to know about them.

With over 7000 languages spoken globally, companies need to translate their content in various languages to connect with an international audience. But this is easier said than done. You can’t just use Google Translate and call it a day. You have to do the translations, and you have to do it well.

On top of that, some languages need digital formatting. For example, languages like Urdu and Arabic read from right to left, whereas English and French do the opposite. There are specifications for each individual language - you can’t possibly know them all.

Additionally, if you’re looking to expand, you probably want more than one or two translations. Companies putting out multilingual content often want to diversify their audience and reach out to as wide a people as possible. Therefore, you need a content managing system like Sitefinity to help you. It will give you various translations while ensuring quality.

Reach a Global Audience

Having multilingual content is extremely important if you have an international business. Because even if you put out the best content, it doesn’t matter if the content isn’t reaching people.

Multilingual content improves the SEO value of your website with local servers. For example, Italian users are more likely to see your site if your content is in Italian. This helps ensure your work is visible in all the countries you do business with, which boosts business and profit.

Full Control With Full Efficiency

The Sitefinity Multilingual Solution allows you to manage over 50 languages from a central place without reducing your site’s efficiency. You can translate the content quickly and accurately while staying in control of the process.

A Sitefinity Multi Language Website takes away a lot of the effort you’d have to put in if you did it yourself. It also saves time and improves the content's quality. The CMS uses third-party translation services like the Clay Tablet program to give you the best product possible. And once you receive a translation, you can export and re-import it at any time.

Optimizing Settings for your Business and End-Users

Adding Frontend/Backend Language Settings

With the Sitefinity Multilingual Solution, you can make any number of local pages. The CMS lets you create as many versions as you need. Furthermore, you can also choose the languages for the frontend and backend.

If you want more than five frontend languages, Sitefinity recommends persisting multilingual fields in different database tables. And if you’re going above ten, you absolutely have to persist them in different tables. Click here for more details on this and the fetch strategy.

Adding a Frontend Language:

  • Go to the ‘Basic Settings’ page and choose ‘Global Settings.’ Then click on ‘Languages.’
  • Select the ‘Add Languages’ button, and the “select languages’ page will pop-up. This page lists the various languages you’ve added. And if you want to add a separate language, choose ‘Show cultures.’
  • Pick one or more languages, and they’ll be added to the ‘Languages’ section. You need to have one default language. The official website will open in whichever one you choose. Once you add more than one language, a “Multilingual URL’ will open.
  • Choose how the URL for the page will look in the added languages. You can pick between directories and different domains.
  • Click ‘Save changes’, and you’re done!

Adding a Backend Language:

  • Open the ‘Manage backend languages’ setting and then click on ‘Add languages.’
  • Pick as many languages as you need, and they’ll appear in the languages section once you select ‘done.’
  • Click on ‘Close languages for the backend system link.’
  • Save changes.
Expanding your capabilities with a multisite management strategy

Benefits of a Multi Web Portal

Companies juggling more than one digital experience need to invest in multisite management. This is because, at the end of the day, such business models are unsustainable and will only harm you. The only logical next step for you is a Sitefinity Multi Web Portal.

But if you’re confused as to whether this CMS is for you, check to see if you’re on this list of the five types of companies who need it.

  • Companies managing various brands
  • Global companies
  • Companies that have franchise, distributor, or reseller networks
  • Companies with microsites and multiple campaigns
  • Intranets

Benefits of a Multi Web Portal

  • Optimized for Maintenance :
    A Sitefinity Multi Web Portal gives you a single point of upgrade, development, and deployment. All three ensure quick and efficient implementation of business decisions. Subsequently, you also get more efficient hosting, which goes a long way.
  • Optimized for quick delivery of sites:
    Progress Sitefinity has changed the content management game. And a huge part of that is building an ecosystem where you can roll out new sites quickly. All it takes is a push of a digital button.
  • Optimized for content delivery and authoring :
    You can now reuse content between sites without issue. And you can link it to all the services you provide. There isn’t a need to establish new projects or copy any content. Additionally, you can reuse web design or the general feel of certain content.
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In conclusion, when making a multi-web portal, always remember to create a plan. Because if you don’t, you’re shooting into the dark, and that can be dangerous. Also, carefully map out the shred resources and personalize it. Multilingual eCommerce solutions and multi-portal websites can help your company reach new heights. However, if you don’t do it right, it will harm you. Progress Sitefinity knows what your company needs - it’s our job. So, work with us, and we’ll make sure you get the growth you deserve.

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