Common Sitefinity Errors

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How to fix some common Sitefinity CMS errors

Handling Sitefinity Errors and Issues

An unfortunate pitfall of new and advancing technology is the errors that come with it. No matter how well planned and executed a system or piece of software is, there is always bound to be some errors and bugs. Fortunately, once an issue is uncovered, the solution is quickly discovered and shared online to help others who encounter the same problems.

Sitefinity CMS has forums and knowledge base centers dedicated to providing users with fixes to their system issues. Below are some common Sitefinity errors and issues and ways to fix them. If you need additional help, feel free to reach out and our team can assist.

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The Easiest Way to Prevent Many Errors

Plan for Success

Many of the common issues that you come across when working with technology can be explained and fixed easily. For example, ensuring that you are using the right operating system will allow you to install, update and use Sitefinity without incident. Also, making sure that you update your widgets and modules to the latest versions when upgrading your Sitefinity CMS will keeping your site running smoothly and prevent incompatibility issues and error messages.

Upgrade Errors

Content and Page Access Errors After an Upgrade

Upgrading your Sitefinity CMS site to a newer version can sometimes can problems and issues with some of your modules and widgets that were designed for earlier versions. One common issue when upgrading you system to Sitefinity 8.x is not being able to access your content and pages section from the backend. To fix this issue, you need to open your project up in Visual Studios and add a reference for the HtmlSanitizationLibrary assembly.

Upgrade Errors

Comment Errors After an Upgrade

Another common issue that happens after upgrading to Sitefinity 8.0 or higher is losing the comments functionality. This is usually caused by using the old comment widget and template. In order to fix this problem, you need to change over to the newer comments widget and revise your template.

Diagnosing an Error Message

Getting More Thorough Error Messages

Sometimes one of the toughest parts of handling an error is figuring out what went wrong. Often times you are shown a vague error message that doesn’t give you much information. Thankfully, Sitefinity has a provided a way to receive more detailed error messages. To do so, you need to download the PDB (program database) files from your Sitefinity account. If you are using Sitefinity version 8.1, the PDB files are included with the release. After you download the files, you just need to extract them in the bin folder of the project, and you will have access to more detailed and descriptive error messages that will help you fix errors faster.

Sitefinity Certified Help

Clarity Can Help

For more than a decade, Clarity Ventures has been helping clients create and customize their business ecommerce and websites. Many of those clients choose to use a CMS to build their site on to help support their content. Our team of developers at Clarity is full of experts that are well versed at working with most popular content management systems, including Sitefinity. For help dealing with more Sitefinity errors or to speak with an expert about a Sitefinity project your business is planning, contact us today!

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