Sitefinity Multi-Site and Multi-Domain Capability and Best Practices

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The Types of Projects or Organizations that Can Benefit from Sitefinity Multisite Management

What is Multisite Management?

A lot of organizations find scaling a challenge efficiently when controlling multiple sites. Employing a piece-by-piece approach- having separate teams working on each website- drives the cost of development and hosting higher, results in inefficiencies, and creates complicated infrastructures. This blog examines the advantages of Sitefinity Multi-site Management and when the feature is the most impactful. It also gives some direction on how you can build efficient enterprise architectures using Progress Sitefinity Multi-site Management.

Multisite Management is a Sitefinity solution that allows organizations to maintain multiple digital experiences. At one point in time, managing multiple websites separately becomes too inefficient and complex. Naturally, multisite is a reasonable next step. It can save organizations millions in infrastructure and cost by providing more structures and seamless processes. So, who can benefit from this feature?

Organizations with Several Brands A lot of large organizations manage various brands, services, and products that function in silos. As a result, they experience website sprawl. It is a common side effect that comes with rapid growth- following an expanding portfolio of acquisitions and mergers.

They tend to control and manage digital assets individually, building each site with separate processes. This results in many inefficiencies and has manage disadvantages. For instance:

  • Considerable increase in implementation, hosting, design, integration, and training cost
  • Lack of consistency across the different brands
  • Incomplete and scattered customer data which makes it hard to offer customer-centric experiences

Not to forget, centralized resources- such as investment information, press releases, digital assets, and career listings, end up creating even more inefficiency and redundancy. Multisite is the solution to all these problems. It significantly decreases cost, the time required for maintenance and marketing, offers a single-point integration, and ensures consistency across the organization. Companies can build scalable, standardized processes while also ensuring separate departments with the independence to create unique customer experiences.

How Can Multisite Management Help Your Organization

Benefits of Multisite Management

  • Single-point Deployment

    With Multisite Management, you can host several sites with a shared codebase within a single application. This accelerates deployment tasks since there are fewer deployment destinations. So if you request a new feature for 30 sites, developers will have to deploy it thirty times if there are thirty separate installations. But with MSM, they only have to do it once. Moreover, if any service and network issues arise, the administrators will only have to address and investigate a single area rather than several interaction points. This is way less time-intensive and reduces errors.

  • Challenges

    Single-point development means a single-point impact. During deployment, when the application restarts, all other websites will be down since the same application powers them. You can address this issue by ensuring deployment processes take place in an isolated server. The upgrades can be executed on this server while other servers continue to serve requests. Then you can redirect the traffic to the updated server and upgrade the remaining servers.

  • Single-point Upgrade

    MSM setups with multiple sites allow rapid upgrades. Every time Sitefinity releases a new version, Multisite Management can significantly decrease the hours inverted in testing and upgrading. You can ensure all your projects are on the same Sitefinity version and upgraded with the most recent security and performance features. The same thing is true for quality assurance, which is normally a very time-consuming process.

  • Single-point Development

    Working with a single codebase does not only improve delivery time, but it also improves the code’s quality. Developers can reuse existing customizations wherever possible. Moreover, a single codebase means a well-organized and less scattered code. It ensures better quality control and improved test coverage. Not to forget, it takes up less time than individually testing multiple sites.

  • Efficient Hosting

    The Sitefinity multisite management setup offers extra benefits for different hosting requirements. Since its architecture is laid over one application, it reduces the amount of hardware required to host all the sites. The more websites there are on a single instance, the more beneficial it is.

  • Roll Out Websites Quickly

    It provides organizations with a shared environment, facilitating the process of quickly rolling out new websites. With a single click, you can create websites based on preexisting sites and customizations. During the process, you can turn on/off specific modules and determine which components of the websites will have site-specific or shared content. It gets rid of many redundant processes, configurations, and infrastructure. This significantly reduces the time required to roll out a new site since you do not have to recreate new setups and content- they already exist within your organization’s domain.

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