Migrating from Wordpress to Sitefinity 

Reasons to switch and tips for transferring content from Wordpress to Sitefinity CMS

Content Management SystemIt’s been said that all good things must come to an end. And it’s usually to make way for great things. This is a great way to look at website migration. While it can be difficult and taxing, and at times you may wonder why you wanted to switch your content management systems in the first place, the payoff is worth it. For example, Wordpress is seen as an excellent starter platform, but after a while, you may need more from your CMS, whether it is more options or better security. This is where an enterprise level CMS comes into play, one like Sitefinity. But now that you have decided that you want to switch and chosen your new CMS, how do you get your website from one CMS to the next? Below are some reasons to switch as well as tips and suggestions for importing your content on Wordpress to Sitefinity.

Why Switch? 

There are numerous reasons why a switch from Wordpress to Sitefinity might benefit your site and business. Some still view Wordpress as a blogging platform and while it has caught up and become a full fledge CMS, it still may not have all the tools that your business needs. And while there are plugins that you can add, it’s sometimes better to already have that functionality built in. Also some say more advanced platforms like Sitefinity, that are intended for businesses to use, are more prepared for eCommerce and secure than CMS platforms that are intended for bloggers and beginners.


Application program interfaces (APIs) are great tools when doing virtually anything with your website, including migrations. There are APIs from Wordpress that you can use to help pull data and content from your site on their platform. Sitefinity also has APIs that you can use to help you import new content and information to your new site on their platform. The APIs are meant to help the transition happen better and more efficiently, but that only works if the person doing it actually knows how to work with the APIs.

Call in the Professionals

The best practice when migrating content from Wordpress to Sitefinity is to call in professionals and let them do it. They have far more experience transferring website data between CMS, which not only makes them more qualified, they are probably quicker at it as well. Professionals are also up to date and use all the latest tools, applications, and technologies to import content from one CMS to the next and make the transition as smooth as possible. After the migration, they can also help you clean up your site, make sure everything transferred correctly, and test it for usability.

Clarity: A Team of Seasoned Experts 

Our team of expert developers at Clarity has done a number of content management system migrations for our clients. We can easily bring over your Wordpress pages, blog posts, categories, comments, and page structures to a new Sitefinity site. If you have complicated or custom pages, page templates, and meta information, we can bring your wp_meta custom fields over to Sitefinity too. No matter if you have ten pages or ten thousand, we can transfer them and all of your custom specifications to Sitefinity.

Clarity Can Help 

Clarity Ventures is a highly reputable web development company. For nearly a decade, we have been helping businesses by creating custom solutions, from eCommerce websites to software integrations. We have also helped numerous clients switch content management systems. We can transfer your business’ pages, blog posts, comments, and much more from one CMS to another. To find out more about migrating your site from Wordpress to Sitefinity, call or click to contact us today!