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What is Sitefinity CMS

When it comes to upgrades, a common perception most people have that it is a complicated process that requires a lot of resources and time, with an unpredictable ending. But does this idea hold any truth? Should you postpone upgrading your Sitefinity CMS platform until the end moment, or is it better to upgrade more frequently? Moreover, what amount of control do you have over the outcome, as well as the process? Is it possible for Sitefinity upgrades to just be more straightforward?

We are not going to lie; upgrading is not simple. It is a complicated process that involves several operations. These include replacing precompiled logic, modifying configuration files, assembly references, database schema, and the list goes on. However, this does not mean that upgrading your Sitefinity platform is a hard task. As a matter of fact, Sitefinity constantly tries to automatically update as many components that are a part of the process as possible.

When upgrading your Sitefinity CMS platform, you need someone who has a diligent approach, is well-informed, and can plan well. This article will give more information regarding the upgrade process, and what it does so you have a better understanding of how Sitefinity works and the importance of a Sitefinity upgrade.

Why Should You Keep Your Sitefinity Website Updated?

Benefits of Sitefinity Upgrades

Some of the benefits of upgrading your Sitefinity Development platform regularly include:

Your Website Will Stay Up-To-Date: Even if there are no necessary upgrades right now, an essential feature or security update that solves a need for your business might come up in the future. So, upgrading regularly means you will have to go through less hassle when it is absolutely necessary. Skipping several versions and going through each one means you will have to execute more scripts, handle more API changes, carry out more testing, etc. In simpler words, frequently upgrading your site will make things better.

It Keeps Things Secure What can you do to ensure your personal computer, web server, or smartphone is secure? Install the latest updates for software, like antivirus applications, firewalls, IP whitelisting, etc. Your Content Management System has similar needs.

New Features Sitefinity provides amazing new features and functionality with every release. There is new, better stuff coming out around three times each year.

How to Avail These Benefits by Ensuring a Smooth Upgrade

Preparing for the Upgrade

Schedule an Adequate Amount of Time for The Update

Depending on different factors, like the amount of customization, automation, and project size, you might be required to spend additional time on functional testing, code refactoring, etc. Scheduling enough time for the update also ensures that there is sufficient time to fix any unexpected problems that might arise. If there are no issues and the upgrade is smooth, you can utilize the extra time on user acceptance testing.

Go Through Release Notes

Read the release notes of versions that come in between your current one and the latest version. Go through the API breaking changes. Keep in mind that when you’re upgrading, all the breaking updates between the two versions apply. Find the affected APIs and create a plan for changing the affected code once you upgrade. Some of the main issues caused after upgrades of customized projects occur due to API changes. Therefore, having a plan in advance for these issues will ensure a much smoother upgrade.

Go Through The Database Changes

Being familiar with all the database changes that will occur after the upgrade can also be beneficial. The upgrade log in Sitefinity reflects each change that occurred in the database due to the upgrade.

.Net Compatibility

Check the Compatibility of the target Version with the version of .NET on your machine and install the latest version if necessary.

Test the Target Version

Install Sitefinity’s target version. Create a project with it locally. See if it is functioning properly. It will allow you to determine the cause in case any issues arise. For instance, you will be able to tell if there is a problem in the project specifically, or whether it is the environment that requires extra configuration to fulfill the requirements of the new version.

Carry Out a Test Deployment

You should do it on your test environment/target staging with an empty project. It should deploy smoothly. If it does not, it is important to fix the issues. The successful deployment of an empty project in the target environment can be really helpful when it’s time to deploy your upgraded project. Because you will have to deal with only project-related issues at that time.

Create Backups

Upgrading your Sitefinity CMS platform is an irreversible process. Therefore, it is crucial to have backups of previous versions. It lets you restore your platform to the original version and prevent data loss in case something unexpected occurs while upgrading.

Change the Connection Strings

Direction them to a local database copy. It might also be a beneficial idea to restrict the local machine’s access to production and staging database servers. It will ensure that accessing these resources results in an error. After the execution of the upgrade, the database will change irreversibly. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the live database is not linked with the test project.

Select an Upgrade Mechanism

You can choose between NuGet Packages and Project Manager. Keep in mind that if you already use NuGet packages for your project, you need to use NuGet packages for the upgrade.

Clearly, upgrading is no easy job. Therefore, when searching for Sitefinity Upgrade specialists, you have to ensure you select an experienced company. Our team has the proficiency and experience needed to successfully execute different projects. They can fulfill the requirements of your business by ensuring regular updates, so all your workflows are seamless and easier. If you want to leverage all the features that come with Sitefinity updates, then get in touch with our professionals.

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