Common DotNetNuke / DNN Errors & Keys to Success

Clarity - DNN error seriesDotNetNuke (now called DNN) is a Content Management System (CMS) that has the ability to create dynamic professional looking websites. Now, there is no such thing as a perfect CMS tool, and errors can arise. Nuances can slow your system down and prevent your website system from functioning altogether. DotNetNuke errors aren’t regular occurrences, but some do happen more often than others. Listed below are some of the most common errors that may occur and the appropriate steps to take in order to solve them.

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Server Error in ‘/’ Application

dotnetnuke errors, how to fix dnn problems | ClarityServer Errors usually occur when individuals are first learning how to use DNN. The Server Error in ’/’ Application affects people who do a quick read of the directions for the DNN installation. It happens with source one and appears when an application is clicked on for the initial time on the browser. This is a relatively easy problem to fix via the web.config file.

Here's PowerDNN's detailed explanation of the best way to discover and fix the issue. If you're still having trouble, make sure to ascertain the problem and then check out the ASP.Net forums and simply ask for some help!

Parser Error

Clarity DNN series - config parser errorAnother DNN error that can occur is the Parser Error. This error typically occurs when you are missing a web.config file. When you get this error you will see “Could not load type DNN.Common.Global”.


To fix this problem, just copy and paste the development.config file and rename it to web.config. Then just install DNN. If you're still having difficulty, check the ASP . net or Stack Overflow forums. While no one's project is exactly the same, chances are someone's had similar problem before and their solution could help you.

Caching Trap

As many people already know, DNN is often used to improve the way regular caching modules work.

Clarity DNN Series - Caching trapAs many people already know, DNN is often used to improve the way regular caching modules work. A module caching starts off with a default value that is set by the system but the value of a module can be overridden by changing the digits in the settings section for modules. When different modules are developed, programmers can sometimes confuse the new module that they are developing with another one. This can occur when they are logged in as the admin. Simply make sure you're logged in to the proper module user and proceed.


Error with Starterkit templates

Clarity DNN Series - Error with Starterkit requires re-installThe starterkit template typically has a default value of 60 for module caching. When a new value greater than zero is used, the module will utilize caching. The problem is the caching has not been enforced for individuals who are the Host or Admin.

You can easily prevent this DNN error from occurring by having a value of zero set in the manifest. Some developers and programmers even delete the node completely right before the module is installed onto to the website. Even if the module has been installed, the numbers in the individual case can be altered to zero as well.

Error from moving host

Clarity DNN Series - Error from moving hostA DNN error can also occur when you are moving your site to a production site from a local host. After you try to do this you can get a message that says “DNN Error: An Error has occurred. An Error has occurred.” This error can be fixed in several ways. One cause of this DNN error is that your connection strings aren’t properly set. Another cause of this error is that you are missing a skin file.

DNN errors are usually quite easy to fix. If you are unsure of what is causing the error then you can even ask for help from people in the DNN community, the people in the community are very friendly and always willing to help other individuals out.