Denver Health

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The Client

Denver Health provides state-of-the-art care to over 25% of all Denver residents, over 150,000 individuals. They provide health services to patients, careers for medical professionals and LEAN Academy training practices to many organizations and drive all of their communication through their website, which also serves as a training portal.


Existing Problems

Since they provide information and services to three distinct visitors, their website navigation had hundreds of links, and was almost impossible for anyone to navigate and find the information they needed. Much of the information was urgent in nature (i.e. scheduling appointments, checking insurance coverage, etc.). Another issue they were having was that they were on a fairly old version of DNN, and over time, they had upgraded a number of 3rd party modules, which caused issues with their current site template, making the site unstable and administration difficult.

Our Solutions

The site was upgraded to the latest version of Evoq, which not only improved their performance, it gave them a platform that could service their community. The upgraded modules provided new and more efficient features, and the new management capabilities reduced their IT staff maintenance by more than 50%. Next was to work on a design and navigation paradigm that suited all their “visitors.” So Clarity designed a custom 3-tiered navigation design using color-coded tabs at the top of the site that loaded a completely different look and navigation for each audience. The color held throughout the experience so it was easy to tell if you were on a patient page versus a doctor’s page.

Denver Health

Level One Care for ALL

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The Benefits

For the IT staff, the site was now stable (i.e. the outages and errors were gone), performance over the last site improved dramatically, and their staff could work on and administer the site. For the marketing team, they could now uniquely control the user experience for their entire audience, each group independently having their own experience, both in color and navigation. The new site contained additional advertising capabilities, improved SEO features and the look and feel of the site really showcased the company’s exceptional service and abilities.




This website was built using DNN Evoq Content on ASP.Net and MSSQL. Telerik Controls were utilized in order to improve the development process of the ASP.Net platform. Modernizr was used so that the site's CSS could respond to browser behavior. JavaScript and jQuery were both developed to achieve particular site functions. HTML5 and CSS3 gave us the custom control for the skins, and the custom 3-tiered menu and design was built using NAVXP.

aspnet css3 evoq html5 javascript jquery modernizr mssql navxp telerik