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The Client

At DJO Global, their aim is to enable all people to regain the joy and comfort of natural motion, thus the name Dawn Joy. Their mission, as a leading healthcare company, is to provide the facilities, resources and people to deliver state-of-the-art medical devices and services that enable people to live life to the fullest while maximizing end-users comfort. They value an open dialogue with their customers to gather insights that guide their innovation and continuous improvement.


Existing Problems

As a medical device manufacturer, unless doctors recommend their device, they have no business. To educate patients on their devices, they started with VHS, then DVDs that they would produce each quarter, send to all the doctors they knew and hoped that they showed them in their waiting room. One piece of feedback they received was that most doctors offices ended up showing kid videos to keep the kids occupied, so their medical device videos that they sent the surgeons were never being seen by the patients, wasting over $25,000 every quarter, and bringing in no new business.

Our Solutions

To fix this, Clarity designed them a responsive flipbook for their medical devices that could be branded for each of the surgeons, installed on a tablet and set on the coffee tables in the waiting areas. This way users could easily finger swipe through the flipbook, checking out their devices, become educated on options for new devices.

DJO Global

Motion is Medicine


The Benefits

There were many benefits that came from a technology solution. The first was that they could produce a flipbook, and push it to every office automatically, removing the cost of producing unviewed DVDs and mailing them to every office. People in the office, at their leisure, can view videos, read testimonials, and see the device in action, an experience the TV couldn’t deliver. Finally, the surgeons reputation for being on the cutting edge also increased. The final solution provided a method to push and update their content as soon as a device is ready, or even announce the coming of a new device.




As a responsive platform, Clarity used Modernizr. An HTML5, CSS3 responsive template was built specifically for tablets, custom design, graphics, a JQuery video player and Flashmaniac’s JQuery flipbook code was used to provide the animation of turning pages, table of contents and more.

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