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The Client

Winners wanted to build a custom careers portal, designed to showcase the culture that they’ve spent years building at their Winners, Marshalls, and Home Sense stores. Clarity teamed up with RCI, who built the ATS (Application Tracking System), which manages the online job applications to build a comprehensive solution. One unique element that Winners uses is to only use real employees and their stories on the site.


Existing Problems

While an ATS can handle an online application, it can’t showcase corporate culture, answer questions, invoke excitement and be an engaging marketing tool to get people to actually apply. Winners had a bunch of images of their employees, but how to show them (one per page, a gallery, etc.) was a challenge. Winners also wanted to capture their corporate culture in the portal so a user would have a virtual feeling of what it would be like to work at one of the Winners family of companies.

Our Solutions

So Clarity started with a custom UI/UX and design where users could click on the picture of a user, and it would animate the picture to display their BIO and tell a little more of their personal story, really showcasing their “team” culture. Clarity used animation to auto-scroll through all of the hiring agents to show how many jobs were available and give the applicant a picture and BIO of who they would be interviewing with if their application was accepted.


Working With Caring People Like You

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The Benefits

The site is amazing. The animations are unique, the pictures are engaging and the user experience is fun, as they not only learn about a potential job, but walk through a virtual online corporate culture, which is fun and engaging. The user really feels like they are engaging the team, not just applying for a job. TJX global is so happy with the design and execution that they are considering re-doing all of corporate’s sites to match the experience.




The CMS / page content is served up on DNN Evoq platform. The responsive design and template are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Modernizr. JavaScript, JQuery, ASP.NET and Telerik controls are just a few of the tools Clarity used to build this amazing site.

aspnet css3 evoq html5 javascript modernizr mssql telerik