Hippo Hopper

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The Client

The Hippo Hopper eCommerce development project resulted in a dramatic increase in online leads and bottom line revenue. The key results for the project were 50-100% increase in sales process effectiveness by enabling internal resources to handle quote requests within minutes (from hours or even days) and for search engine rankings to improve overall.


Existing Problems

The Hippo Hopper eCommerce application requirements centered around improving a manual sales workflow and establishing a market leading online catalog presence for Self Dumping Hoppers. The previous sales process required manual calculation using an Excel spreadsheet and then manual e-mails. The previous site also lacked a clear branding message with different pages showing different looks and unclear messaging for how to purchase or order a product. The client didn’t have any line-of-business ERP or CRM solution providing a workflow engine and wanted Clarity to build everything into one solution.

Our Solutions

The first step was to design what the ultimate workflow the business processes needed. Next was to determine what features existed in Clarity’s eCommerce platform, and which ERP-CRM functionality had to be custom built. Clarity designed and built an integrated quoting process with automated product cost calculation, sales quoting, notifications, freight handling, custom quoting, integrated satisfaction surveys and custom branding for the e-mail quote replies. Clarity also implemented a site-wide product catalog, an eCommerce search engine optimization with clear calls to action, SEO structure, a custom hopper wizard and consistent site branding.

Hippo Hopper

Ease of Use, Durability and Safety

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The Benefits

The site upgrades allowed the Hippo Hopper sales team to focus on what they do best - selling, instead of filling out manual quotes. As a result, sales went up dramatically with Clarity's coordinated efforts on both the new site functionality, SEO/SEM marketing and improved site design, layout and branding. The instant credibility with optimized corporate website design improved visitor retention rates and enabled Hippo Hopper to convert more traffic from their manufacturing e commerce and product catalog system. The customized product configurator made it possible for a user to visually see all of the options available as every hopper sold is built to customer specs.




Microsoft ASP.Net for custom Clarity eCommerce™ platform development. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for scalablility and performance. DNN (DotNetNuke) Open Source Content Management System for enterprise level CMS. Certified search engine optimization to deliver top SEO results. Custom design to ensure consistency across website, e-mail, and all online means of communication. JQuery and others to built the product configurator and selection wizard.

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